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Smart Healthcare
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    Ongoing: Now until 01/22/2021 12:00AM
    First Phase: Review Results Notified 01/29/2021    
    Second Phase: Business Briefing Review 02/05/2021
    Second Phase: Technical Review 02/05/2021    
    Final Phase: Final Results Notified 02/22/2021
    Start Date: 03/01/2021 


  • Company Type
    A startup that focuses on providing smart ecosystem services or solutions and has tested business models in the market (services are online or products have been published)
  • Industry Category
    One of four industries: manufacturing, retail, healthcare and lifestyle.
  • Team
    The core team has access to key resources in technology and business models, as well as the ability to be fluent in English business discussions and presentations. It will be beneficial to seek global or regional market resource linkages and business development potential.
  • Technical Requirements
    A startup that is already using or is planning to use the AWS cloud.
  • Financing Stage
    A startup that has been awarded seed round or angel round financing (before round B) or has its own funds.

Application Material

  1. Application Form
    Please see below for details
  2. Business Plan
    Only the slides format is accepted (limited to Chinese/English). Content needs to include: market analysis and company positioning, product/service introduction, management team, R&D/technology/cloud service, performance and highlights.

Application Form

Artificial IntelligenceBig DataInternet of ThingsBlockchainAR/VR/MR5GMobile DeviceOther
The maximum individual file size that you can upload is 800MB, or you can provide the file link.
The maximum individual file size that you can upload is 800MB, or you can provide the file link.
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  1. Please complete content and confirm the upload of the "Business Plan". If there is missing information, it will affect review score.
  2. After submitting the application materials, we will filter out the companies entering the second phase based on the application materials submitted by the startup. The second phase is a face-to-face review and is divided into a business briefing and a technical assessment.
  3. By submitting this form, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all content within the Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement (https://ntpc-awsjic.com.tw/en/nda).


感謝 貴公司對新北市-亞馬遜 AWS 聯合創新中心(NTPC-AWS JIC)六個月新創加速計畫的興趣與支持,我們已收到您的申請資料,將盡速進行內部審核。若 貴公司通過第一階段的書面審查,我們將邀請進行第二階段的面談。若有任何問題,歡迎來信或來電 02-7717-0688 詢問,謝謝!

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