NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center gathers resources from the New Taipei City Government, Amazon Web Services, and FCC Partners to create an acceleration that offers world-renown cloud services as well as financial and corporate resources. This acceleration program will elevate promising startups to the international stage.

Selected startups will benefit from assistance such as fundraising, networking, and linkage to the international ecosystem. Furthermore, startups will be offered abundance AWS cloud resources like activate program (credit and support), workshop, 1:1 consultation, tech forum, and much more.

NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center aims to become the center of innovation in Taiwan and provide startups with the necessary resources to increase opportunities for growth as well as improve the overall industrial development in Taiwan.


New Taipei City Government

  • Bridges the gap between traditional enterprise
  • Technical supports from technical institution
  • Project subsidy

Amazon Web Services

  • AWS SA Office Hour – Individual consulting services 
  • AWS Activate Program – Up to $100,000 Promotional Credit
  • Solution Architect and Successful Startup Sharing

FCC Partners

  • Boutique investment bank: Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore
  • VC, M&A, private placement, financing advice, IPO services
  • Customize finance or M&A plan


After startup passes our assessment, startups will be stationed in our facility. With the resources we provide, startups will have the best one-stop services to accelerate all aspects of growth


We provide advisories, lectures and events to enhance startups’ abilities on research, marketing, business, operating,  financing and technology skills.


We coordinate events to provide opportunities for startups to present their products and services to other enterprises and stakeholders. These presentation opportunities will increase business and cooperation opportunities.


We select professional mentors to support and coach startups on financing plans, technical issues, tax laws, networks and etc.

Venture Capital

Provide financing advice and funding advice service from our investment bank partner. Furthermore, we plan to build a venture fund to invest in  startups with business and marketing potential.

Global Connection

We connect startups with international resources to expand to global market.

Office Space

Tpark is funded by Far Eastern Group and is now the newest office building for technology companies. It provides the best working space and atmosphere for innovation.



  • 完整的AWS雲端技術支持:Workshop、一對一諮詢、促銷積分一應俱全,滿足雲端開發上的需求。
  • 世界級創業投資資金:提供融資諮詢、股權架構、商業計劃書調整建議,提升融資談判力。引薦合適的投資人、商業合作夥伴人脈。
  • 鏈結業界高端資源:匯集產業界、新創界重要代表舉辦產業論壇,獲取最新產業資訊,並登台Pitch最新商業模式。
  • 介接海外創新中心:提供青島-亞馬遜AWS聯合創新中心的交流參訪、交換進駐機會,並協助新創開發亞洲與國際市場。(實際交流方式將會視各期規劃而定。)
  • 實體辦公進駐空間:進駐遠東集團最新穎的科技產業園區,本區主要服務資通訊相關企業,提供新創團隊開發創新服務的最佳實驗場域。

對外開放:商業課程、產業論壇,以及大型發表會,如每屆 Demo Day。對外開放活動不定期更新,請查看活動連結:

僅對進駐團隊開放:AWS SA Workshop、SA Office Hour 等技術課程和諮詢,Founders Club 圓桌餐敘、融資/商業合作會議等人脈建立場合。


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